Why Should I Attend?

Top 10 Reasons to "Go All IN!" at Parafest 2015

Parafest 2015 (October 13 – 16, 2015 in Reno, NV) is shaping up to be an INcredible Parature users’ group and networking event for all those passionate about delivering productive, proactive, personalized and consistent customer service. There are far more than 10 terrific reasons to attend, but here is a shortlist of some of the best:

  1. Learn from Industry Leaders in Service, Support and Customer Engagement
    Get best practices, expert INsights on improving customer service and support, as well as the overall customer experience, from the best in the business.
  2. Optimize Your Parature Implementation
    Learn INnovative tips and best practices for using Parature’s solution to your organization’s greatest advantage.
  3. Get a Sneak Peek of Where Parature is Heading
    Be INformed about upcoming releases and features currently in development, and learn where Parature is heading as a Microsoft solution.
  4. Find Out How You Can Leverage Microsoft Dynamics® CRM
    INcrease your personal and business success by learning how you can leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft products to unite your brand or organization’s CRM and service capabilities on a single platform for even greater efficiency and a more comprehensive view of every customer.
  5. Network with Peers Who Share Your Professional Passion
    While Parature users span all major INdustries, a passion for superior service and support unites us. Network with peers in your same industry and other industries including software/tech, media, government, higher education, gaming, retail, professional services and more to exchange best practices.
  6. Hear Customer Service Success Stories
    Enjoy INteractive learning and hear from other Parature customers on what they did to achieve impressive success. View the metrics, hear about culture and team organization and learn what other brands, large and small, have done and that you and your organization can do, too!
  7. Check the Health of Your Customer Service Organization
    Step outside your organization for an INcisive and comparative health check of your service operations. Diagnose and discuss your unique and shared service and support pain points, and benchmark with other customer service managers and teams within your industry.
  8. Let Your Voice Be Heard
    Let your Parature questions and ideas, as well as your service and support questions and best practices, be heard in an IN-person Q & A session with customer service experts, industry leaders, and Parature and Microsoft team members.
  9. Take Advantage of One-on-One Consultation Time
    Meet Parature implementation staff and partners and take advantage of some one-on-one time to discuss any and all things Parature related. You’ve got our undivided attention at Parafest, so take advantage of an INdividual learning experience. We’re ready to help you make your current implementation the best it can be.
  10. See the Future of Customer Service and Engagement
    Get INsights from Parature and Microsoft executives, who will be sharing their vision when it comes to service, support and customer engagement, as well as industry analysts who will let attendees know what’s trending and what they’re watching (and what you should, too!). 


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